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COMPRESSPORT® QUAD ... a revolution!

A revolution for all sports lovers who like to exercise their legs to push their own limits. Whether cycling, running, hiking or mountaineering, the new forQuad from COMPRESSPORT gives you wings!

COMPRESSPORT's ForQuad thigh protector is the only compression product directly designed for the upper leg muscles, rather than for the waist, which generates optimal levels of compression over the quadriceps and hamstrings while supporting the iliotibial tract.

Superior performance

The ultra-light fabrics with which COMPRESSPORT products have been manufactured are designed for a more effective venous return from the feet to the heart, greatly reducing the accumulation of toxins in the muscles, especially during prolonged exertion. Muscles benefit from better oxygenation, which helps reduce the chance of cramps and muscle damage, and also allows for longer high-impact sessions, with less fatigue and faster recovery.

Soil COMPRESSPORT also optimize heat exchange and reduce moisture, helping to regulate body temperature.

Preventing muscle damage

COMPRESSPORT tissues provide consistency and support to muscle, and have been designed to reduce vibrations and shock waves, helping to prevent muscle tears, joint pains, contractures, microrrotures and muscle fatigue.

Best recovery

After exercise, COMPRESSPORT 's ForQuad continues to facilitate venous return, resulting in the elimination of toxins and better muscle oxygenation, a process that reduces the chance of late muscle aches.

The affected muscles also recover faster, allowing you to resume training and competition earlier, and with cooler muscles.

The ForQuad can be used under triathlon pants, cycling or running. Unlike conventional compression shorts, the ForQuad does not cover the groin, so it is not necessary to wash the garment in the washing machine after each use: just wash it by hand in the shower and you can put it back on for faster muscle recovery.

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