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Once again you COMPRESSPORT with the introduction of your Trial socks, within the new line of ProRacing 3D socks. DOT.

Stimulation of blood circulation

The acupressure effect of the 3D sock line. DOT stimulates blood circulation in the foot, increasing the effectiveness of venous return.

Achilles tendon protection

The cushioning effect of 3D socks. DOT in the heel area protects the Achilles tendon from friction and excessive pressure.


The multidirectional structure of the 3D line fabrics. DOT ensures maximum sock grip inside sneakers, preventing it from falling or slipping.


Air flows easily through the fabric of 3D socks. DOT, regulating the temperature.

Water resistance

3D socks. DOT retains very little water (whether rain, hydration or sweat) and the space between the fibers facilitates evaporation, so the feet are kept dry.


The dense internal structure of the 3D socks fabric. DOT provides great comfort and reduces the chance of chafing.

Ergonomic toe caps

The design of the 3D socks. DOT allows the toe cap to cover your fingers without squeezing or pressing them so that they feel free and loose inside the sock.

Stimulating plantar arch support

Located on the arch of the foot, the elastic compression tape stimulates venous return while promoting upright passage and preventing the sock from moving, twisting or losing the correct position inside the shoe.

Antibacterial and anti-odor fabric based on silver ions

Silver ions allow you to control heat and moisture, helping to reduce sweating and excess heat, which in turn reduces the accumulation of bacteria and germs. Silver ions are incorporated into the fabric through a patented manufacturing procedure, in order to reduce odors as well as the possibility of blisters.

Quality assurance

Always striving to offer you the best quality, COMPRESSPORT compression products are manufactured exclusively in Europe, with European fabrics and machinery, and through the competition of European physicians specialized in venomuscular compression.

Designed and entirely manufactured to offer in their 360 degrees the best biomechanical advantages along with the highest level of comfort, our new socks of the latest generation have the technical characteristics that favor optimal blood circulation while helping the best sports performance.

In addition to the features of our 3D products. DOT listed below, Trial socks offer specific protection for maleolo bones (ankle).

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